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The Bennett Group, Inc. is the nation's only privately-held firm that specializes in the development, production and presentation of educational products and services for the direct mail industry.


Our Mailing Training Institute is the only facility that provides hands-on training on the production floor, computer lab and in the classroom for the industry’s leading mailing equipment and software.  All training course modules are written and produced with a constant focus on the economic factors and concepts involved in the business of mail.   Located in Rochester, NY, the 6,000 square-foot facility features state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, conference rooms and offices designed and equipped for employees and vendors to innovatively and aggressively develop products and services that encompass all aspects of the business of mail. 


Products developed at the facility include educational courses, textbooks, publications, kits & templates, on-line forums and web-based seminars.  The Bennett Group also presents educational courses and sessions at national and regional conferences, conventions, meetings of the direct mailing industry, and Clemson University at Clemson, SC.



Mary Ann Bennett is the President and CEO of The Bennett Group, Inc., and founder of the Mailing Training Institute. She has over 30 years of experience focused on education, production and marketing for the mailing and print industries.  She is a 2009 Women of Distinction Award winner given by Outputlinks, which recognizes the many contributions, achievements and successes of stellar women in the HVTO industry. Mary Ann is nationally recognized as an expert on USPS postal automation; is a frequent speaker at direct marketing conventions and communication forums and a frequent contributor to national publications whose reader base includes the mailing and print industries.  The charter of her firm is to take mailing industry-related educational and training materials to new and exciting levels of access and availability.

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